You are amazing!


My wife just received some great toys from you and included with the thoughtful packaging was a hand written letter. Never would I have expected that! Thank you, we appreciate your beautiful work and care in selling it to us. Rarely do I ever see such pride displayed in a person’s business, very impressive. We look forward to collecting more of your work.



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Happy With the People Mover

Bravo! What a wonderful toy your People Mover is! We purchased it for our 7-month-old daughter and she loves it. Not only that but her older siblings quickly snatch it for themselves as soon as she goes down for her nap. I was very pleased, ordering from your company and I certainly would again.


Heather in MN

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Providing the Very Besy for Our Very Youngest

Hello Tim and Connie!

Well I think it is wonderful that you have built a life around providing the very best for our very youngest!

Be well!

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Real Wood Toys

Connie & Tim,

Our order arrived and everything is beautiful—so nice to have handcrafted, real wood toys (not made in China). I’m sure they will be a hit when they are opened on Xmas morning.

Thank you ,
Kim, NM

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Thank You For Your Awesome Toys

Hi North Star Toys,

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your awesome toys! I ordered your people mover and little rollie helicopter for my son for Christmas and they have become his favorite toys! They are so simple, yet he finds something new to do with the people mover everyday. My son crawls right past the plastic noise makers that his grandparents gave him to get to your high quality toys! I can’t wait to order more for his birthday and for my expecting sister. Please don’t ever stop making your toys; we really appreciate them! Thank you!!!


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Pleased With Service

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service. I do my best to find goods that are made in the United States, and I prefer to support smaller businesses as much as possible. I ordered two rollies for my little boy (camel & elephant), and not only are they adorable, but I was impressed by the personal notecard that was included. I feel if you had the time to include a letter for me with my tiny purchase, I have time to drop you a line as well! I will recommend you to all my friends having children. Thank you for being a responsible and compassionate company.

Warm Regards,
Amanda, OH

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Quality and Craftsmanship

We received the North Star Toys we ordered in the mail yesterday and were thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship. We also appreciate all you do to respect and care for the environment as well. Thank you very much for sending the toys so promptly.

Thank you again,
Gina and Craig

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Company Values

Hello Tim and Connie,

I received the People Mover today and it is just gorgeous. I admire you and your company and the values you stand for… all the things that we believe in as parents as well. The gift is for my nephew and I know he will love it, as will his mom (my sister).

Thank you for your wonderful company and products.

Warm Regards,

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Safe Toys

Dear Connie and Tim, – I received my order in today’s mail and I wanted to let you know how pleased my husband and I were!! What beautiful gifts and first and foremost safe toys for my Granddaughter and my sister’s Grandsons. Thanks so much for making them available. Happy Holidays from Mike and Judy

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Rainbow People Mover is a Delight

Hi there: Your rainbow people mover is a delight! It is for my great-grandchild (Good grief!!! Where DID the time go?)

My children were raised with a wooden pull-wagon filled with wooden milk bottles, (back when milk was brought to the house in bottles) that has seen two generations; a bag filled with mill-ends; even a wooden spigot from a beer keg with several movalable parts; Lincoln logs; etc., etc. Wood is SO GOOD!!!

The bright tissues added to my pleasure!


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